Developing Your Superpower

Many people find themselves with lots of “spare” time on their hands these days. This was not a planned vacation or a retreat to recharge the batteries. No, we have been taken out of our routine by this invisible enemy and have to figure out a way to defeat it. None of us can suddenly create a cure in our basement workshop.

I used to joke that my personal superpower was calmly sitting in airport lounges “people watching.” It took years of inefficiently planned business travel on four continents to get “good” at it, but before moving to our present location, I was just a phone call or e-mail away from going on another important mission to save the gear world.

Back then, I was 45 minutes away from two airports that had hundreds of flights every day. You could get anywhere on the globe in less than a day. The situation is different now; even before the present crisis our local airport lost its commuter link to the outside world. Air travel now requires an allowance of two or three hours to drive to a big city airport.

Recent news video of those busy transit hubs is rather strange. The empty concourses look like something out of a science fiction movie. Not since 9/11 have so many people been forced to stay home. That terrible day certainly changed the way we fly, but within a week things started to get back to a “new normal.”

The worldwide pandemic will not disappear in a week. Some experts think we are going to need up to two years to finally get it under control. That is a lot of time to have your routine disrupted. Enough time to develop your own superpower, or to at least improve the way you operate in some areas of your life.

You may want to devote yourself to becoming a super gear person; we here at Gear Technology have some resources for that. Your family, friends, and co-workers may suggest other aspects of “you” that can be improved. We can only help with the gears.

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